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Give It Some Thought…


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What survival gear do I have?

What survival gear do I have?

I have recently become involved in discussions about ‘what to do in case of a disaster’. How would I be able to survive personally and who would I include in my plans to survive? I am one of those people who ‘thinks on her feet’ so assume I can survive without ‘planning’ to do so in advance!! What a joke… Talking to some of my family, we started our individual survival kits. In fact, I was given some survival gear for the car as a birthday gift and now I just keep adding to it. This kit is a waterproof container used on boats and can be purchased anywhere fishing supplies are sold. Inside I have so far:

  • Small 79 pc first aid kit
  • 4 Bic Mini lighters
  • Box of 20 fire lighters (like a large match that burns for 7 minutes)
  • 2 light sticks that burn for 12 hours
  • Stricker (to light fires)
  • Large roll of duct tape
  • Leather water gourd
  • Bag of 20 tealight candles
  • Bag of 50 – 8” zap ties
  • 2 mini heat warmers (for gloves)
  • Emergency blanket (aluminized polyester)
  • Bag of dried fruit
  • Bag of nuts
  • Packets of peanut butter
  • Multi-purpose spoon/canopener/wrench
  • Bear bell
  • Windup flashlight
  • Waterproof flashlight
  • 3 metres of para cord
  • Multi tool knife
  • Whistle with thermometer
  • 2 microfibre cloths

I do carry other items in my car, such as blankets, boots, jumper cables, hammer, saw, leashes (to catch stray dogs), snack foods, bottled water, paper towels, wipes, oil and a few other things I can’t remember just now.

Am I prepared?

NOT YET!! I still have to get wilderness survival gear, learn about wilderness medicine, long-term food storage and sustainablility. Isn’t great that all we need to do is research online, read books, ask questions of those who do have the skillset, and follow through! That is the hard part. I might need some support from friends and family to motivate me. It will take time and a lot of hard work to get to the point of sustainability. Growing my own food, processing and storing, developing an alternate source of fuel, maintaining potable water, keeping a shelter safe is a work in progress.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail…

Are you one of the statistics?

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What do we need to know in order to sustain a lifestyle when disaster hits and we are on our own for everything?

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Do you have an emergency kit prepared for your pets? Do you have a crate or other secure and safe area ready at all times?

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Hello world!

Welcome to!! This is the place to find some ideas, links and more….survival is a HUGE subject. Join in and share your thoughts, skills, experiences that will benefit all of us.

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Failing to plan is planning to fail...

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